This is Kate.

Kate didn’t always exist in my life. She was my idea of someone who’s living freely doing what she wants, and how she wants it. And I wanted to become her.

I grew up in Seoul, South Korea with the name of Boram. Quite frankly, my childhood was pretty rocky. I had amnesia at 7, didn’t find school fitting and lived with unhappy parents who were struggling with money. When every kid went to after school to study for the college entry exam, I worked at McDonalds and saved up money to buy books and take English native classes. Learning was my guilty pleasure and I wanted to choose what I learned. I didn’t let my conditions define me and focused on gaining the knowledge I needed. I rocked my college and got a great job to start in the working world. But there were still cultural and family restrictions that I felt I couldn’t fully spread my wings.

I broke free from the burden of meeting cultural expectations and supporting my family financially, I moved to the US by myself at 22. When I arrived in America, I told everyone my name is Kate. And this is how Kate was born. This is the first time I felt I’m on my own and that felt great. This feeling of freedom manifested a lot of different opportunities. I had great success living as her. I tapped into prestigious global companies such as Hyatt, Marriott, The Shilla, Fraser Place, Procter & Gamble, and Samsung and successfully transitioned from one to another. I brought my magic and delivered outcomes through building connections and creating meaningful experience. Kate was truly following her curiosity and not afraid to be on wild adventures.

While on that journey, I was at a point where I felt comfortable and right at that time, a new adventure was presented to me. I followed my instinct and made a big life commitment to be a wife of someone who I ended up having 6 years of hard marriage with. During that time, for the first time ever, I felt I had failed. I was so desperate and depressed without anyone knowing it. My life was getting constrained again and I was not living my full potential. And then after years passed in the midst of my rock bottom, I remembered where I came from. Kate was a warrior. She had a deep desire to become that person of her dreams. She was capable of creating the life as she wanted. She had done it already so she did it again. She got to work, her inner work. She broke out of there, got healed, and chose her growth again.

So the best kept secrets are revealed. I’ve been secretly overcoming hardships many times all my life but I wouldn’t change a thing. This made me learn regardless of circumstances I always have the choice to see things differently and become who I’m committed to be. Becoming Kate meant taking charge of my life and living my life with freedom of choice no matter how many choices that could be. It meant that I fully accepted who I am as a person with all my imperfections and unapologetically followed my curiosity. I’ve been multifaceted all my life and I’m proud of who I’ve created to live in.

I’ve been involved in a lot of different things. I’ve done hotel front desk, sales & marketing coordinator, marketing executive assistant, corporate event planner, community manager, program manager, and consultant. And that’s not even all if I include part time jobs in between like English teacher, field marketing staff, soap maker, Etsy shop owner, author and self-publishing. And there are also my passion projects where I studied a bit of interior design, psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, astro physics and meditation. And my list is never ending. And that’s the joy I feel. I love learning. One of my superpower is to create something from my learning experience. Because of this, I was able to create a lot of beautiful things in the world.

So the reason why I'm sharing this story with you is because despite my circumstances, I successfully reinvented myself over and over again. I believe if you can envision your ideal self, that's what you're meant to live. And I'll share with you all the best kept secrets that I've learned along the way to help you find your Kate.

I'm rooting for you and so excited for you! Book a coffee chat with me to see how I can help you create the life of your dreams.

Love and light,



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