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Multi-passion Workbook

Do you want to bring your ideas to life?

In this practical workbook, you'll find the framework how to make things happen.


Gratitude Journal

Start your day with gratitude.

This daily ritual is how I intentionally manifest all of my desire.


Idea Notebook

Capture all of your ideas whenever you have them.

I believe in documenting our genius inspiration every time they arise. Keep them in this notebook and take them out whenever you want to bring them to life.


Multipointed Star

This is Kate.

Kate is a self-proclaimed dream initiator and thought leader on women empowerment. Through her wild previous life journey of being an adult immigrant, serial specialist in different fields, and having an unlimited amount of passion for different expertise, she has accumulated diverse experience and resources to support her clients.

Kate is a multipassionate herself and absolutely obsessed with finding creative ways to turn any desire to life. She is on a mission to help other multipassionates to activate their power within and use the gifts they already have to create the life of their dreams. She teaches on how to understand and use our mind to our advantage, unshakable self-worthiness and confidence, powerful journal strategy, and some of the most effective skills to embrace our unique talents.

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